Prevents anemia
  Boosts Immunity
  Control blood sugar level
  Prevents cardiovascular disease
  Relieves stress and anxiety

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Immune Boosting

Heart Protection



Energy Kcal - 19kcal, Fat - 1.4g of which saturates - 0.9g Carbohydrate - 1g of which sugars - 0g, Fiber - 0.8g, Protein - 0g, Vitamin D - 0mcg, Calcium - 0mg, Iron - 0mg, Potassium - 23mg, Magnesium - 9mg

Cacao may hamper sleep: Since cacao contains caffeine, eating too much of it may cause caffeine-related adverse effects, such rapid heartbeat, restlessness, difficulty sleeping.

Cacao can cause IBS like symptoms: Cacao may cause GI disturbances such as constipation, nausea, gas, stomach pain.

Cacao may trigger a migraine in some individuals.

Cacao can cause skin issues:Cacao has been shown to cause acne and metals, such as nickel, that are present in cocoa can cause allergies, skin inflammation, and lesions.

Recommended 2-3 tsp or desired amount

12 months after opening the product as long as it is kept in a dry and cool space.