Loveeat® Continental Spice Flavor Instant Slice Chicken Breast |100g  *Frozen*

LOVEAT® Slice chicken breast made with Korean-made chicken, cooked in a unique technique of Rankingdak. LOVEAT® Slice is seasoned with windsorgrra flavor, feeling to eat in Europe with blending flavors of various spice and herbs, also provides moisturizing and soft texture at the same time. LOVEAT® Slice cut into pieces of chicken slices with moderate thickness. The ready-to-eat or salad is rich in taste and satiety

Origin: Korea

How to Cook
A. Microwave
Heat it up in the microwave for 1 minute (700W standard).

B. Boiling water
Prepare a pot of boiled water, make sure turn off the fire, make the pack soak into the hot water for 6 mins.

C. Frying pan
It is delicious if it is baked on a frying pan slowly with medium heat. It is delicious whether you bake it with or without oil.

***The pouch may be opened during microwaving, we suggest place the chicken breast on the plate before put it into microwave.
***The material of the pack is certified by the Food and Drug Administration so it is safe to defrost it in boiling water or microwave.

How to Store
Please keep the chicken breast frozen at -18 °C below as soon as you receive.

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