Unlike other traditional green teas, hojicha is first steamed and then roasted. This process will remove some of the bitterness and give a more earthy aroma to your drink. It also slightly changes the colour to a dark green-brownish appearance.

The rich and natural sweet flavor of hojicha is most apparent after it has cooled down from high temperatures. The best part is that it is very low in caffeine and can be drank anytime of the day. It makes the perfect alternative to coffee if you want to have a drink in the afternoon/evening.  

It's super simple to make because it is in powder form and so it will easily dissolve in water! No need to steep for a long time like typical tea bags.  

Ingredients: 100% Hojicha Tea Leaves from Shizuoka, Japan

Boosts Immunity
Relieves stress and anxiety
Reduces our cholesterol levels 

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