The formula of Moringa Oil is rather simple, which directly winds down the possibilities of causing skin allergies. With over 70% of oleic acid, it restores the oil content that our skin needs. As it is similar to our skin’s composition, it gets absorbed quickly and our skin condition can be balanced to a refreshing and light-kind of state. As early as the ancient Egyptian era, Moringa Oil was already seen as a great skincare routine that works against the dry climate and huge temperature differences in the desert area perfectly, it was even adopted by the famous Cleopatra in her beauty regime!

Suppress the growth of various bacteria

Prevents acne and blackheads

Helps with eczema, scars, psoriasis and dermatitis

Strengthen our hair by treating our hair with abundant vitamins and minerals.

Helps fight split ends and reduce dandruff.

Ingredients: Moringa Seed (Cold Pressed Oil)

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